How to make cookies from scratch easy - Vegan slow cooker recipe.

How To Make Cookies From Scratch Easy

how to make cookies from scratch easy

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EDIT: Whoooo quotes.
I changed the names to match characters and cut out most of the OOC.

Amrys lands in the den and pads over to the middle of the roof.
Dazy murrs a hello to Amrys... "Ready to take on a Kittenwalker?" She smiles.
Amrys nods quickly. "I sure hope so."
Dazy licks her lips "Fresh meaaaaaaaat..." then she giggles as they wait.
Amrys giggles. "Poor thing."
Violet bounds up the steps as quick as she can, making sure she doesnt keep dazy waiting. she pauses and composes herself as she walks over to her "hello miss Dazy, you needed me?"
Dazy turns around and scratches her head, pretending to be ... not as interested. "Well, i would't exactly say I 'needed' you, but I called for you yes. Thanks for coming."
Amrys keeps facing out, biting her lip to suppress a goofy grin.
Volpe turns to watch the floor show, interested to see what happens.
Violet blinks for a moment, trying to read the look she's getting from dazy "..w..wait thats not what i....." she sighs and gives her a smile "of um....why did you call for me then?" she chews a little on her lip, curious and somewhat hopeful
Dazy chuckles... "So you'd get some exercise climbing up the catwalks?" She cocks her head to the side, obviously there was more to this meeting, but she realllllly enjoyed stringing fresh meat along.
Amrys turns around, stepping sideways to stand behind the reinforcements. She would look Violet over, as close to poker-faced as Amrys ever gets. Which means she has a light smile on her face.
Violet's ears droop a little "o...oh...b..but....." she looks up at her with big eyes, catching on that she hadnt been called just to get exersize. but if they wanted to play, she could play too. her lower lip quivered a little and her eyes seemd to glisten like she was about to cry. she hangs her head and whimpers a little
Dazy doesn't feel bad, mainly because she knew what was coming next. "Yeah, I mean, you're going to need to really need to be in excellent shape if Amrys here is going to be your Kittenwalker Trainer. Amrys is one tough cookie." She takes a Kittenwalker pin from her pocket and holds it out for the girl. "Do you think you'll be able to handle that?"
Ayami lands with a dull thud on the rooftop, spinning about to look at the assembly of cats.. a funny grin passing across her face before giving a short wave.
Amrys raises an eyebrow at the Dazy's comment, but it probably comes off as a glare.
Volpe goes back to watching the water tower, now that the floor show is over and the truth behind the meeting is out in the open.
Violet instantly drops the act, replacing the sad kitty routine with a big grin. she nods and reaches out to take the pin "i wont know till i try. and i'll try as hard as i can" she smiles at Amrys "i'll do my best, you have my word"
Ayami stalks over behind the small one on the rooftop .. curiously poking gently towards her hair with a clawed finger as she looks back and forth between Amerys and Dazy, the silly grin growing a bit more.
Amrys nods slowly, looking the kitten up and down as though appraising. "Good. First things first, we need more blue." Amrys grins.
Dazy smirks as Violet drops the act, and catches sight of the silly grin on Aya's face. "Violet, Amrys here will be your trainer, but feel free to ask anyone any questions... Amrys, we need to get Violet some shoes and a cellphone." Enough of the business crap "Aya, whats that look for eh?"
Ayami ears go out to the side and she says in a half giggling tone "Trying to complete the rainbow are we?"
Dazy laughs theatrically "Mua ha haaa YES"
Amrys nods. "Do we have any boots around, or should I find my old ones and see if they fit her?"
Amrys shakes her head, muttering, "No, no, we've gotta get all the blues..."
Ayami scratches her head "Theres a roll of duct tape in my locker. We can always wrap her feet in that. It works suprisingly well." nods.
Violet raises an eyebrow at amery "more blue?....." she blinks, her demenor changing for a moment when she feels someone unfamilar come up behind her. she jumps forward and spins around in a fighting stance ready to take on whoever was behind her. she blinks a few times, her demenor returning to normal "c..crap....sorry about that..."
Dazy nods "It does work well, but yeah see if anyone has an extra pair in her size maybe?"
Amrys raises an eyebrow, surprised by the sudden change in behavior. "It's a joke. And yeah, I can ask around. Those cell phones still in the med den?"
Dazy asks "What IS your shoe size Violet?"
Dazy then nods in response to the cell phones.
Violet blinks, looking at dazy " offence but i cant remember my would i know my shoe size?"
Dazy sighs and attemps to place her foot next

It's not easy being this's tiring....11/52

It's not easy being this's tiring....11/52

While we were sleeping the dogs broke down the gate to the kitchen ravaged the garbage and my poor spatula just couldn't defend himself....

That is my FAVORITE spatula, there have been others, and now there will be more; but this one was the best. We had a relationship we each knew what to expect from each other.... And today my beloved spatula died a horrible death by this little miscreant. You may be wondering how one could become so attached to a spatula... He was perfect just the right amount of bendablity, nice and thin as to not break a cookie while taking off the pan; perfect for making a nice french omelette and he was plastic as to not scratch my pans..RIP Blue Spatula. You're my boy, Blue! (In dedication Dust in the wind will play at his funeral...)

how to make cookies from scratch easy

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