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Dane Cook Forward

dane cook forward

    dane cook
  • Dane Jeffrey Cook (born March 18, 1972) is an American stand-up comedian and film actor. He has released five comedy albums: Harmful If Swallowed; Retaliation; '; '; and Isolated Incident. Retaliation became the highest charting comedy album in 28 years and went platinum.

  • (in sports) Moving toward the opponents' goal

  • at or near or directed toward the front; "the forward section of the aircraft"; "a forward plunge down the stairs"; "forward motion"

  • Directed or facing toward the front or the direction that one is facing or traveling

  • the person who plays the position of forward in certain games, such as basketball, soccer, or hockey

  • Positioned near the enemy lines

  • at or to or toward the front; "he faced forward"; "step forward"; "she practiced sewing backward as well as frontward on her new sewing machine"; (`forrad' and `forrard' are dialectal variations)




I was very fond of this statue by Raymond Mason, because of the way I discovered it.

One morning in January 1992, I had to get a train Down South to celebrate a friend's birthday.
Being a student, and it being the middle of the week, I was as hungover as hell. So, to clear my head, I chose to walk to Birmingham City Centre along the canal tow-path rather than getting to New Street station by taxi. I got off the tow-path (and back on to the streets) at Gas Street Basin, then headed in to Centenary Square - where I was greeted by *this* view.

The sight made me laugh like a drain. The combination of the statue's form, the Modernist/Brutalist concrete architecture surrounding it, and the dreich weather made me think that it looked like it belonged in Leningrad, rather than in Birmingham.

I was thus glad that, in preparation for taking portraits of the birthday celebrations, I'd loaded a black & white film (ask your parents what these were) into my camera.
Cthulu-only knows what the passing Japanese tourists thought when they saw a scruffy, hungover fool (me) laughing at the thing.
Happy days....

Anyway, the statue was only made of some kind of polyester resin. It should have built it in metal or stone (or concrete), because some twunt set fire to it in 2003, damaging it beyond repair.

It's gone for ever now.

day forty four

day forty four

i've been busy, busy, busy over the past week and a bit. like since christmas! i've been doing hell loads of school work and eating. that's pretty much it.. i know right? sounds like crap! starting tomorrow i'm going back to the fitness world. NOT looking forward to that! i'm starting out with this apparently fitness mad guy in bristol.. should be fun, in its own little way.

right now, i'm listening to dane cook's 'i did it my best - greatest hits', ohmygod i think i'm in love. he has to be one of the funniest comedians. in my opinion that is. hope everyone had a fantastic new years eve.

dane cook forward

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