Make It Fast Cook It Slow

make it fast cook it slow

    make it
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Making Perfect Scambled Eggs

Making Perfect Scambled Eggs

Making perfect scrambled eggs

Sounds easy but it took me a long time to get it down right but once you master this you will be the egg king, you will have the envy of all your friends and probably win some sort of prize or something. In fact a lot of great chefs when hiring team members make them go cook eggs to see if they get it right. Here is a sure fire way of making the perfect creamy scrambled eggs. They should be creamy and consistent not like the eggs you get in a Denny’s or bad diner where its dry and lumpy curds of egg this is the Rolls Royce of making eggs.

Don’t forget eggs are not just for breakfast I plated this a couple of different ways one that is good for traditional breakfast with the eggs and flat bread on the side and one where it is more of an starter or appetizer for a party with the eggs in the middle surrounded by flat bread . Let’s take you through the steps.

2 extra-large organic eggs
One scallion chopped
1 oz favorite goat cheese
Knob of unsalted butter
Olive oil

Break your eggs into a bowl add the chopped scallions and beat together until you have a nice uniform color and DO NO ADD SALT YET this will make the eggs watery. Now on medium low heat add some olive oil to a pot (no don’t use a frying pan here) and drop the eggs in and using a spatula keep moving them around and don’t stop. Treat these like you’re making a risotto. Keep stirring going from slow to fast making sure the edges are clean. Now if you see it getting to hot and too much steam coming off take it off the heat and keep stirring when its cooled put it back on the heat etc. Now when it just start to coagulate and just starting to come together drop in your goat cheese and keep stirring don’t stop stirring this is the key here. Now when they are at the second stage where the eggs are staring to almost have that vanilla pudding texture add a pinch of salt and a little knob of butter and keep stirring. When the eggs have a nice sheen on them and you can scoop them in your spatula and they form a nice dome like in my photo they are ready. Remember they will keep cooking for another min or so. Plate, add some more crumbled goat cheese and some flatbread or really good crunchy bread and you have eggs to die for.



vegan cooking

vegan cooking

making vegan food, you flatter me with the nice things you say about the food i make for you
i owe all my skills at all to amber, she taught me so much about food this year, what is healthy and what tastes good, she is my main inspiration for this experimental summertime veganism which is probably the most positive thing in my life right now besides my couple of friends here
we watch trippy german movies in my parents living room and ride bikes for an hour in the rain, ripshit speeds sometimes, going so fast down my street and then slower than i thought possible on a bike singing exaggerated versions of animal collective songs
i feel like a kid when we're together sometimes and then we watch fucked up movies and talk about sex and i'm reminded of my actual age
riding for miles and getting creeped out by these movies, i'm multitasking as always
they are awesome and terrible and intense and beautiful i can barely handle it
listening to the rain and smelling moss and moisture in my living room
i'm obsessed with smells, i wish i could turn it into another sense
i wish i could turn a smell into a type of touch or a sound
but i guess they all go together, the smell of grass doesn't seem to go with the texture of it, to me, i say nothing about it
you're looking up dates on the internet while i'm writing my zine
baby watermelons and organic canned food
bike grease and fleetwood mac records
rain water in our hair and ripping holes in our tshirts
everything depresses me a little bit but only if i pay attention to it
we're doing okay
on our bikes i turn to you and say, it's so good to see so much of you this summer
i know we're going to take care of each other
you say yeah, we're going to take care of each other

make it fast cook it slow

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